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Computer Education

Computer literacy is required to keep pace with time and society, It ha become the life time of today’s high tech world. It is an integral part of education.
Computer acceleration intellecual creativity of the students. Computer is an improves both teaching and student achievement.
The school computer laboratory is well equipped with multimedia devices for the children to learn the attest software, The trained faculty makes the best use of Technology in the field of education.

school bus
A flee of plush, efficient buses to cater to students coming from near and distance part of sarjapura.
Male teacher working with elementary school boy at his desk
Class Rooms

All class rooms are designed in such a manner to enhance the comfort level and ambience and help the students contribute his/her best classroom are well ventilated, hygienically maintained and furnished with specially designed furniture for each age group.


To achieve the objective of learning by-doing the school offers well equipped and separate laboratories for physics, Chemistry and Biology with the latest technologies and equipment.


True to adage “A pen is mightier that the sword”. We have a well equipped library that is enriched with reference books, research materials for projects, dailies, encyclopedias, magazines etc..,.

Extra Curricular Activities

At new oxford school, the entire foucs is on complete and comprehensive development, A host of friendly contests and competion are held. Students have ample opportunities to participate in debates, elocution, quiz essay competition, recitations etc. Students are promoted take part in as many of these as possible thus enabling them to participate in inter-school competitions successfully.

Projects/Field trips and visits

Assinging projects field trips, regular visits to museum, planetrium, parks historical places are part of our curriculum to provide rich exposure to the students.